North Austin Sober House Member Responsibilities

1 ) Attendance at weekly house meetings is mandatory for all house members. Weekly house meetings are on Thursday evening. Check house schedule for exact time.

2 ) Clean up after yourself. When using the kitchen, clean area and all dishes after finishing your meal. Same goes for the bathroom. Do not leave personal toiletry items on the bathroom counters. Do not leave personal belongings in the common areas.

3 ) Answer the phone politely. Take phone messages for other house members and put it on the message board if the house member is not available. Do not give out personal information about house members. Anonymity is crucial.

4 ) Maintain good hygiene. If you are dirty when you come home, you are expected to clean up and change clothes before settling in (re: any use of furniture).

5 ) Beds are to be made and floors are to be cleared before leaving the house. Closets are to be kept neat and clean at all times. No food or drink is permitted in the bedrooms at any time.

6 ) Laundry area is on a first come first serve basis. No laundry is to be left in or on the machines.

7 ) Everyone will share daily and weekly chores on a rotating basis. Assigned chores will be posted and must be completed in a timely fashion.

8 ) Please be mindful of other house members in regards to noise after 10:00 pm.

9 ) The last person to leave the house should make sure that the garage door is closed, all exterior doors and windows are locked, and the lights are turned off.

10 ) The last person going to bed should make sure the house is secured and locked up and all lights are turned off.

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