North Austin Sober House Policies and Procedures


ACTS Recovery Homes has formulated its Policies and Procedures to ensure a safe comfortable environment for all residents. Group living can pose challenges under the best of circumstances. While some of the following may seem restrictive, the goal is to provide clear defined guidelines for all residents. Keep in mind not every situation can be addressed so common sense must be exercised. The overriding rule is the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated, speak to others as you would like to be spoken to, and give the respect you would like to receive.


1 ) All houses have an on-site manager. It is our firm belief that each resident is personally responsible for their own actions and their own sobriety; therefore, the house manager’s primary duties are to introduce and instruct the new resident to the culture of the home, hold all residents accountable to their commitment to sobriety and good self-care, and to ensure that the house rules are being followed.

2 ) The owner and founder of ACTS Recovery Homes is the acting director of the program. As the director, he oversees the day-to-day management of each house and is available to offer support and guidance to the residents. All prospective residents must interview with the director and will be subject to a background check prior to acceptance.

3 ) Residents are required to attend a weekly house meeting. This meeting is mandatory and is similar to a group conscious meeting. This is the time for each resident to discuss affairs of the house, voice concerns, and respond to issues that may arise. Resident input is encouraged and is necessary for a healthy living environment.

4 ) All residents are subject to peer based accountability. It is your duty as a resident to follow the policies and procedures of the house. It is also your duty to encourage other residents to do the same. If you are aware of a rule infraction, you should point it out and/or report it to staff members. Reporting to staff is not “snitching”. It is the action of a responsible member committed to the general welfare of the house.


1 ) Upon admission and at any time the staff deems necessary, your room and personal belongings may be searched for alcohol, drugs, or other contraband. Residents will be subject to both random and behavior indicated alcohol and/or drug screening tests. Refusing to submit to a test is grounds for immediate expulsion. Any resident found using alcohol or drugs will be immediately discharged and the resident agreement terminated. No refund of rents/deposits will be given for violation of this policy .

2 ) Any member expelled for violation of rules will have one hour to leave the premises regardless of time, transportation, or weather conditions. The member will have three days to arrange for removal of their belongings. Any items left after five days without approval is considered abandoned and becomes property of the house. Abandoned property may be donated to charity or disposed of in any manner the director sees fit. Please note, personal food items must be taken when the member leaves. Any food left behind will be disposed of.

3 ) After 90 days residency and with 30 days written notice, the deposit will be refunded less deductions for unpaid fees, damages, or fines for which the house member is responsible. If a member is expelled, arrested, or goes to jail all deposits and membership fees are forfeit.

4 ) Residents are encouraged to limit their personal belongings to what will fit in their allocated space. All items of value should be safeguarded. ACTS Recovery Homes is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal items.

5 ) Removing or moving any furniture or fixtures from the house or from room to room is not allowed. Do not bring any of your furniture or it becomes the property of ACTS Recovery Homes. No wall hangings will be allowed without prior approval.

6 ) ACTS Recovery Homes strongly discourages, but does not prohibit, residents from bringing small durable goods to the home. This includes, but is not limited to: DVD players, gaming consoles, TVs, small kitchen appliances, and BBQ grills. Any items of this nature can be used by the other residents if left in common areas and/or attached to common use items. ACTS Recovery Homes is not responsible for damage to or loss of such property.

7 ) ACTS Recovery Homes prides itself for being a good neighbor. All residents are expected to be respectful and courteous to neighbors. Do not engage in any verbal or physical confrontation with the neighbors. Do not block driveways, sidewalks, or mailboxes when parking your vehicle. Do not cut through neighborhood yards. Do not solicit neighbors for any handouts. If you have any problems with a neighbor, do not engage them. Notify the director immediately so he can help resolve the issue.

8 ) ACTS Recovery Homes reserves the right to make exceptions to the rules and policies on a case-by-case basis. Any exception does not set a precedence or constitute a permanent change.

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